World Soccer – A Sports Game

World Soccer game

The World Soccer Game is very easy and not to complicated to learn at all. You will pick a country that you want to be and then you will keep clicking on the different characters so that you can get a hold of the soccer ball, once you have the ball you try to keep it so that you can make it all the way to the goal with ease.

In the World Soccer Game you will be able to control all the characters that you want especially if they are close to the player that has the goal. If you make a goal then you get a point, this game is just like playing real soccer, but you are just on the computer and you will be using your mouse for everything. You will not have to use the keyboard at all for this game which is a little easier said then done. using the mouse has it to where you are clicking the top key to kick the ball, but over all it is a fun  sports game.

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