Wonderputt – Next Generation Golf


Wonderputt is a free online game by Silvergames.com. Based on miniature golf, Wonderputt challenges players to complete a full set of 18 holes by maneuvering their golf ball through a series of mazes and obstacles. With just the right mix of difficulty, entertainment, and reward, Wonderputt offers online gamers a quick, yet satisfying game experience.

Wonderputt’s entirely mouse-driven interface is very easy to learn, yet nuanced enough to offer even experienced players a challenge. Moving the cursor at an angle around the ball selects a direction, moving farther from or closer to the ball controls the force of the strike, and clicking the mouse puts the golf ball into play. Many of the game’s courses feature puzzles: players may need to use one shot to change the environment, setting up their next to drop in the hole. Other holes require precise timing, as a shot may need to pass through a gate just before it shuts or ride a moving platform at the right point in its movement. As in miniputt and golf, each course has a certain “par” number of strokes, and players are awarded points based on shooting under, at or over par. Fear not, however, as one bad hole won’t ruin an entire game. Every hole is worth at least 1000 points regardless of how many strokes the player takes, and each hole is score separately from the others.

Despite being somewhat limited by their online nature, Wonderputt’s visual effects are very, very good. Although the game environment looks fairly simple on the surface, the course changes as the player moves from hole to hole, and each hole is accompanied by an entertaining animation. The game also does a fine job of visually presenting its realistic physics, as the ball rolls, bounces and ricochets through the course. Glowing and shimmering effects add an additional touch of quality to an already fine-looking game.

Overall, Wonderputt is worth a try for any online gamer. It is appropriate for players of all ages and all skill levels. Although frustrating at times, it offers a highly entertaining and very rewarding experience, and the game offers plenty of replay value through additional challenges such as “complete the rainbow.” Gamers will find a bit of everything they could ask for in this online game, and it’s all for free.

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Wonderputt kann natürlich auch auf deutschen Spieleseiten gespielt werden!