Unicorns Come To Life In The Unicorn Kingdom!

Unicorn Kingdom is one of the  greatest unicorn games for people who like My Little Pony or simply looking at cute, fun things. It is fun for kids because it is so easy to learn how to play. You can play it on silvergames.com and there is also an Android app. It was developed by Wopa Interactive which is a group of designers from Uruguay. They have also developed other fun games like Flammy. An app for iPhone and Windows is coming soon.

The object of the Unicorn Kingdom game is to collect as many hearts and diamonds as possible in order to get to the next level. You start in the Spring Kingdom where you learn how to use the basic controls like flying and jumping. There are eight levels in the Spring Kingdom and you have to beat each one to progress to the Frozen Kingdom and the Candy Kingdom.

The nice thing about Unicorn Kingdom is that you don’t have to worry about dying in every level. If you don’t get enough hearts or diamonds, you just get to play the level over again until you do.

The graphics in this game are very bright. You get to guide the little unicorn through a field filled with swaying trees, smiling flowers, and a big rainbow in the sky. There are some obstacles, like a flying dragon who burns up the bushes behind you, but the world of the Unicorn Kingdom is never mean or scary. You do have to make sure to move quickly though because if you don’t the dragon will come burn up the ground you’re standing on!

Unicorn Kingdom Game always pauses when you leave the window which is nice when you have something else to work on and still want to come back to it but don’t want to lose your place in the game.

Overall, Unicorn Kingdom Game for free  is a fun, happy game that is addictive and will make everyone want to keep playing to beat every level.