Turbo Dismount: Crazy destruction game that you must play

Turbo Dismount is a destruction game that puts you in control of nearly every aspect of each level.


The graphics are blocky and fun. They have good textures and colors so that you get the simulation feeling of the game. There is a musical score playing in the background of each level in the game. The animations and movements are all smoothly done. It is in true 3D allowing for a much wider range of viewing angles than some other titles.

The main goal in Turbo Dismount is to destroy a certain vehicle and potentially injure the driver. You earn points for all of the damage that you do. The interesting thing is that you do not directly control the vehicle with the arrow keys. You are setting everything up as if you were running a crash test course. You click a button to start the simulation and then hope for the best instead of moving the car from second to second.

You start by choosing a level from the three available. You then choose a vehicle. The options are all very different from sports cars and tricycles to large trucks. You are given the option to choose the pose of the driver as well. The driver is basically a rag doll that follows some basic laws of physics. You can put the driver behind the steering wheel, hanging off the side of the vehicle or dragging along the back. The final option is to choose the route that the vehicle will take. You can choose from a few predetermined routes.

You now have the option to modify the course ahead of the vehicle. You have a wide variety of obstacles that can be put at specific points along the road. This gets to be challenging. You want to place obstacles in a way that will do maximum damage without slowing the vehicle down so much that it cannot reach the end of the course. Once you are satisfied, you just click and hold the start button to select a speed and sit back to see the results. You are trying to get as high of a score as possible.

Turbo Dismount has some unique elements and a fun style. It has enough options to remain interesting although the limited selection of just a few vehicles and levels does get a little frustrating. The same is true of the limited number of routes you can choose from on each level. If you want a distinctive and entertaining destruction game, then Turbo Dismount is for you.



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