Traffic Talent


This is a fun little driving simulator game, and if you don’t mind that it’s written in Dutch, you’ll have a good time playing it. It seems like a simple game, but it’s tough keeping your car on the road, and there’s no room for errors.

It runs with Unity player, which is much like any other flash player and has to be downloaded. Once the player is downloaded, the game will start. At the beginning screen, you’ll have two cars to choose from as well as three mission styles to experience. The car choices are the Fiat Punto or the McLaren SLR.

The mission choices in Traffic Talent are missie beperkt zicht, which means mission restricted view. When you hover over the mission it reads ‘bring the employee to work’ in Dutch. Missie snelheid means mission rate and reads ‘bring the supporter to the stadium’ when you hover over the mission. Missie alcohol is the third choice and means experience driving under the influence of alcohol.

Once you’ve made your choices, you’ll drive to your destination. The camera angle can be changed with the C key and gives you three choices; outside of the car in close up, outside from a bigger distance or inside the car. When inside the vehicle, the driver has lots of information like speed and miles traveled. There’s a map on the dashboard that will help locate the correct drop off spot. When inside the car, you can see any cars in the rearview mirror too.

The car moves with the arrow keys or the WASD keys. Z flicks on the left blinker and x is the right blinker. The P key will pause the game. These are all the keys you need to know to get started in this driving simulator.

You can’t drive haphazardly to your objective. Driving on the sidewalk will bring in the tow truck to haul your vehicle away from the scene. If you crash into another vehicle, the tow truck will haul the car away too. Other vehicles will be on the road with you, and they will honk if you take too long at lights or drive erratically.



Play Traffic Talent now! You will like it!