The Visitor Returns: Play as an alien who needs to eat lots of flesh

The Visitor Returns is a point-and-click adventure game placing you in the role of an alien who needs to eat as much as possible. The graphics in the game are hand-drawn and done well. Everything has a solid and consistent appearance including the animated characters. You are met with a spooky theme song when the game starts. The music plays constantly in the background and can become a little distracting especially if you have to keep repeating the level. The sound effects are reasonable but are nothing special.

the-visitor-returnsThe main story presented in The Visitor Returns is that there is an alien, alive. And this is you. You begin the adventure as a small alien who crash lands on the planet in the middle of the woods. The only instruction you get at the beginning is that you need to click on the items on the screen to consume your prey. The alien seems to eat only living things like animals and people. Everything is controlled in the game through the mouse. Fortunately, visual cues are sometimes given letting you know what can and cannot be done on a screen. The cursor actually changes to a hand if you pass over something you can click.

The gameplay in The Visitor Returns is somewhat predictable to anyone who has played a modern point and click adventure game. You are presented with a screen that has at least once target you need to eat. Simply clicking on the creature never works out and usually results in death. You have to assess the situation and figure out how to get close to the creature, incapacitate it or get inside of it without being noticed. This is usually done through a series of steps that might not always seem obvious at first. Finally eating your target advances you to the next screen.

There are a few issues with this point and click puzzle game. The first is that some of the solutions have no rhyme or reason. You never really know what to expect when you click. The alien character sometimes uses special abilities that you have no idea it possesses. Another issue is that the clickable areas on the screen are very small. This means you might miss something because you did not go over every pixel representing an object. This does not take away from the gameplay although it does make the game feel more like a linear story than puzzles you solve with cleverness. The Visitor Returns does not take itself too serious and is interesting to play though even if it contains only a handful of levels.


GO go go!