The Rush of Fishy Rush!


Fishy Rush is a creative game of underwater adventures for all ages. It was developed by Vitaliy “Silen” Sidorov at and can be followed through popular sites such as Facebook and Twitter. The object of the game is to maneuver the cute little yellow fish through a dangerous underwater labyrinth all while collecting coins from the deep water treasure chest. Get your fingers warmed up because you will need to be limber and quick to control the fish with precision and grace as it dodges, jumps, and dives around to avoid traps set by savvy troublemakers ranging from sharks to anglerfish. Also, don’t forget your brain! You will need to think quickly, solve problems, and anticipate danger coming at you faster than lightening. See how many meters you can swim toward achieving the next level of excellence while not only collecting coins but also earning extra bonus points such as more lives (collecting hearts), boost upgrades, double coins (2X fish) and opportunities to skip ahead and breeze past the various obstacles. The bonuses can also be acquired through virtual purchase using the coins that have been collected throughout the adventure.

Fishy Rush will keep you and your kids engaged with its’ vibrant colors, soothing music and underwater displays. It is like swimming in a light-hearted oasis off the tropical islands. There are baby blue electric eels, spikey red puffer fish, sneaky grey sharks with sharp teeth and purple anglerfish luring the yellow fish into dangerous traps throughout the deep water journey. The background music is soothing among the excitement and chaos. The light-hearted tones in the music are the perfect style to balance the rush of the game with the calming effects of the beautiful, melodic composition. However, if you are looking for a quiet game for the kids while still providing problem solving skills, the music can also be muted as not to disturb others.

Fishy Rush is one of those games that is extremely addictive and fun for everyone in the family. The kids will love the cute underwater adventure while parents will breathe a sigh of relief to know that there contains no violence or controversial content. It is very easy to learn but a challenge to master. So go ahead, experience the rush of Fishy Rush!


(via mobile games)