Super Sports Surgery: Rugby


This game is the latest in this series of games. You are placed into the shoes of a team medic who must cure a variety of aliments for the rugby players. One of the highlights of this game is the humor involved. The graphics, storyline, challenges and music are all intended to convey a kind of ridiculous atmosphere where you are doing absurd things for unclear reasons. The animations are smooth and the idea of using gibberish sounds for characters talking instead of real voice-overs works very well here.

Super Sports Surgery: Rugby starts with your character selling hotdogs. You are promoted to team medic for no apparent reason. Without the proper medical tools, you are forced to use the items on your hotdog cart as surgical instruments. The items do unusual things. Candles seal wounds, ketchup increases heart rate and mustard cures burns. Everything in the game is done through the mouse. You select your tools from a bar at the top. You take cues from the graphics to determine exactly where and how to use those items.

This doctor game confronts you with around a dozen patients. Each patient becomes slightly more difficult to treat as you progress. Prove that you have what it takes to become a doctor. You do not have a strict time limit to finish the procedures necessary. You do have to watch the heart rate of your patient. This number drops gradually over time. It also goes down sharply if you make a mistake. Fortunately, the game is relatively forgiving when it comes to mistakes. The challenge in some later levels is working with patients who have incredibly low heart rates that drop very fast.

The basic gameplay in Super Sports Surgery: Rugby is very fun and entertaining. The challenges and tools are largely self-explanatory. You do need to use a certain amount of skill when skewering lice or using a knife to prevent injuring the patient. The backstories of each patient and the maladies they have encountered are hilarious at times and keep you entertained when moving between levels.

There are very few problems during surgery process. The difficulty scales up relatively well with only a few exceptions. One issue is that accuracy is difficult to achieve with some tools because it is hard to tell exactly what point is affected when you click. This makes getting a perfect three star score a real accomplishment. Super Sports Surgery: Rugby is a fun and interesting game that you should check out.