Stickman Dirtbike: An excellent dirt bike racing game with a simple stick figure

For anyone who likes “stick figure” Flash player sports games, Stickman Dirtbike by Noxgames is an excellent choice!


As the title suggest, Stickman Dirtbike requires the player to successfully handle a stick man on a dirtbike and complete a challenging timed race course that features high and low hills and dips, ramps and obstacles in 15 areas. Players obtain cash bonuses and achievement medals along the way as they pass various checkpoints in each level. These awards are tallied after completing a level.

Stickman Dirtbike is played using keyboard controls. Five keys — up arrow, down arrow, left arrow, right arrow and space bar — control forward momentum, braking, left lean, right lean and jumps, respectively. The “R” key allows users to reset the game at any time.

Failure to handle the trail results in death. The game then automatically resets back to the beginning of the level or last passed checkpoint.

Every player starts with $1,000 in cash that he/she can use to upgrade the Stickman’s dirt bike for more adrenaline or better acceleration, friction or braking. The game begins with a map that shows how much of the dirtbike course the Stickman has completed. New levels are represented by padlocks on the map. Scrolling over any active or locked area shows the player the cash bonuses and achievement medals available for that level.

This dirt bike racing game is available in 33 languages. It has a user-friendly interface and a clean appearance that features wonderful vibrant, outdoor graphics. It also features pleasant background music that a player can mute at any time with the click of a button.

*Note about game play:

Some players may find the keyboard controls extremely challenging at first. Although the keys are easy to remember, it takes careful keyboarding skills, and testing various key combinations, to speed up, slow down, brake, jump and maintain balance just enough at any given time to prevent the bike from flipping and causing a neck-crunching accident that resets all or part of the level. The game also offers achievement medals that some players might find emotionally disturbing, such as the “Suicide” medal.

Otherwise, Stickman Dirtbike is a great addition to the “stick figure” category of addictive animated online sports games. It is definitely one of the best free choices for anyone who is looking for hours of challenging fun!