SteamBirds: Dog-Fighting Fun

SteamBirds is a simple to play but challenging strategy game. The play is turn based, and everything can be controlled with your mouse. The graphics are attractive and the overhead perspective works well here.

The background of SteamBirds is an alternative history where your steam-driven fusion planes engage in dog-fights with Britain’s enemies. The levels are presented as years on a timeline. Each level progressively adds to the challenge with more and stronger enemies planes. The enemies are varied by weapons, speed, armoring, and they all need a different approach. At the end of each successfully completed level, you earn stars based on how well you did and how much damage was done to your planes.

Steambirds Screenshot
Steambirds Screenshot

To play SteamBirds, you assign an action for each plane in your squadron. You can simply indicate a direction to move the plane, or choose one of two special abilities. These abilities change for each plane and for each level, and include such things as speed boosts, defensive shields, poison clouds and 180 or 360 degree turns.

You want to move your plane close enough to fire on the enemy without getting your own planes damaged. The game goes fast enough to quickly learn how to best aim your planes, and the best ways to approach the enemy. It was especially fun to learn how to maneuver to hit the enemy with my poison cloud trails.

SteamBirds from Andy Moore, Daniel Cook and DannyB is highly engaging and very hard to stop playing.

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