Spring Panda: Cute mobile game with a panda on springs


Spring Panda is a game for mobile devices such as Android, Apple iOS and Windows phone. The name sums it up quite succinctly. The main, and only, character is a panda equipped with springs on his feet. The springs are longer than Panda is tall, which gives him lots of bounce. Perched precariously on a vertical post that is only slightly larger in diameter than Panda himself, he is able to leap great distances in a single bound with very little effort. Landing is another story.

The player controls Panda’s jumps from post to post by pressing and holding the left mouse button. How far Panda jumps is determined by how long the mouse button is held down. And how far he jumps determines whether Panda will land on the next vertical post or in the icy blue waters from which the posts emerge. The posts vary in height and the distance between them is likewise variable. Some are quite close together and some are spread fairly far apart.

Every time Panda lands on a post, the player earns a point. Only successful landings count; jumping over a post does not earn a point. And there is no room for error. The game ends the first time Panda ends up in the drink, Panda is returned to the first post and the counter resets to 0.

The graphics are simple and slightly blocky. In addition to Panda, the posts and the deep blue sea, the scenery includes snow-covered mountains in the background and fleecy white clouds in the sky. There are sound effects but no music.

The controls consist of reset and start buttons. The game is very simple, moderately challenging and extremely hypnotic. Hundreds of man-hours will be spent trying to get Panda to just one more post.


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