The game of Solipskier is an online sports/skiing game. This game is played by using the mouse to control the slopes. Clicking and dragging of the mouse creates the slopes which the skier skis on. Moving the mouse up and down creates hills and valleys. The faster the skier skis, the higher the bonus. You must keep the mouse moving toward the right of the screen to keep the skier moving.

Bearing in mind you are creating ski slopes for the skier, you must also remember that the skier does not ski well uphill and must use poles in order to go up the hills created. Therefore, the best strategy in Solipskier seems to be making very steep downhills and very slow, gradual uphills. At certain points through the course there are bonuses. These bonuses, when the skier skis through them, create a rainbow behind the skier. The longer the rainbow is maintained, the higher the bonus points received.

Throughout the course there are pitfalls, jumps, and tunnels. All of these things can either end the game or give extra bonus points. Solipskier can become confusing with the many different numbers and signs that appear on the screen as you continue along the path.

Using a stick figure skier, you manipulate the terrain that the skier skis, attempting to earn all the bonuses along the way while maintaining a steady speed. It’s important also to remember that the skiing style in this game is downhill, not cross country. Therefore as such you cannot run the skier level ground for very long before the stick figure skier must use the poles to gain speed again. The jumps are slightly confusing, but you must again remember that the skier needs speed to make the jumps and you need to make sure there is a good downhill prior to going back uphill for the jump.

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