Soccer Mover

Soccer Mover is a multi-level puzzle game that takes strategy and thoughtful precision to the next level. In this game you must strategically remove blocks in order to make a soccer ball fall into a goal. When you are able to do this, you are given stars based on how well you completed each level. Along the way, you have the potential to earn new achievements that will go to your overall accomplishments of the game. The less moves that it takes you to remove blocks, the better your achievements will be. Overall, this came offers a new spin from other traditional puzzle games that sports fans will especially love.

Design And Graphics
The graphics and design of Soccer Mover aren’t anything extraordinary. However, everything runs very well and cohesively together. The game is not overly complex, which means that you won’t notice much in the way of lag or slowed down performance. Instead, you’ll quickly load new levels and the transition from level to level is greatly appreciated. Furthermore, every level has a new design, that beautiful incorporates the global landscape for how many countries love soccer. An added bonus is the cute moose mascot, who appears on different levels and whenever you have achieved a new achievement.

The sounds of Soccer Mover make sense. They have whistles blowing whenever it’s your turn to begin a round and you even hear fans cheering once you’ve put the ball in the goal. The music itself is also a nice, at least for the few rounds. After a bit of time it does get a bit repetitive. It would also be nice to have additional sounds- such as fans gasping in excitement as the ball nears the goal- which would really add to the overall presentation. However, for a puzzle game of it’s type, the sound is a nice addition to Soccer Mover.

There are a decent amount of levels that you open as you progress through Soccer Mover. The levels aren’t spaced out nicely, in the fact that the difficulty evenly progresses through each stage. The only disappointment you’ll probably feel with the levels in Soccer Mover is once you reach the end and you wish that there were more levels to select from. There are enough levels to keep you playing for a while, but hopefully new levels would add even more depth to the game itself.

Overall, Soccer Mover is a creative and entertaining game that will be sure to keep you busy for 30-minutes to an hour. And once you’re done, you’ll likely go back and try and get three-stars on the levels that you didn’t do so well on or tell your friends to head over and play to see how well they do. Either way, it’s certainly worth giving a go to see how well you can do in Soccer Mover.

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