Sim Taxi


Sim Taxi is a thrilling and humorous free flash game that provides a Taxi simulation that seizes your attention and doesn’t let go easily. Sim Taxi provides you with a top-down view that is reminiscent of those early Grand Theft Auto games. You start parked next to the curb with a passenger-to-be waiting nearby. The passenger hops in and gives you directions, and the rate appears at the top of the screen. As time ticks, the rate decreases, so the faster you get there, the more you make.

Fortunately, there’s a forgiving minimum fare in place at the beginning of Sim Taxi. This gives you some breathing room to clear the learning curve. Controls are responsive, but they take some time getting used to. In addition, there is no overhead map, so although you do have an arrow to follow, you’ll actually need to learn the city in order to master the upper levels of the game. This is an interesting and risky design decision that works well here and creates an enjoyable challenge.

Players have the choice of playing Free Game or Campaign mode. In Free Game, the point is to earn as much money as is possible before you run out of gas or wreck the cab. Campaign mode is a longer game that even has a story. You’re trying to save up $200,000 to buy the red sports car of your dreams, which you can actually drive around once you’ve earned it. This game’s a bit more forgiving since you can buy gas and repair your cab.

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