Sift Heads World

sift heads world

Sift Heads World, the latest in a long line of games in the Sift Heads series, is an extremely fun and in-depth game. In it, you go on a series of missions all around the world, with the ultimate objective of killing a Mafia boss, and cleaning up your city!

sift heads shorty
Sift Heads - Shorty

The game begins with two of the three main characters, Vinnie and Kiro, talking in their safe house, when they get a phone call from the third playable character, Shorty, telling them to meet her. They do so, and this is when the player learns most of the basic plot for the game. In short, the Mafia has regrouped, and is trying to take over Chicago. At this point, you choose one of the three characters to play as – Vinnie is highly precise but lacks endurance, Kiro has great endurance but little precision, and Shorty is nicely balanced between the two.

Sift Heads - Sniper View
Sift Heads - Sniper View

Upon choosing your character, Sift Heads World gives you a basic mission objective, that of identifying all your targets with binoculars. After you do so, you then go to ground level and begin your assault.

Sift Heads World has an interesting graphics style, a lovely musical score, and lots of interesting little added bonuses, such as a shop to buy new weapons, a clothing store, and even a mini game on the TV in your safe house. You can even save your progress after registering an account! All in all, this is a highly enjoyable game.

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