Save Toshi


Save Toshi is an addicting Unity 3-D puzzle game where you have to rescue the girl Toshi, who must die or dance. Unfortunately, Toshi has forgotten how to walk and you must get her to the dance floor. To get her to the dance floor, you have to use the assorted levers, slides, and blocks in a certain way to get Toshi from her starting point to the dance floor. Using the laws of physics, it is up to you to figure out how to do this without Toshi falling into the water and dying.

The laws of physics work well in Save Toshi: ice is slippery, rubber is bouncy, and TNT explodes. Don’t be fooled though, this is no old-school arcade-style game. Everything is physics-sensitive. For example, if Toshi is standing on the far end of a level when you shoot her off of it, she will fly farther than if she is standing toward the center.

This unity game is fairly simple, and most levels can be figured out quickly on the first run-though. If you do need a hint, there is a hint button that you can use twice on each level. Using the hint button will cost you stars, and you might finish the level with a one-star rating instead of a three-star rating.

If you don’t want to use the hint button, there are other options. First, you can just look over the level carefully, planning out what would happen if you lobbed your ball at just a certain angle at a certain block. While there is no timer, if you take too long, Toshi will get impatient with you and ask what is taking you so long. The other option is trial and error, which will give you some results so you can see what happens each time.

Remember though, don’t kill Toshi! Hit her with a ball or knock her into the water, and you will get the message, “Toshi is dead.” Then you will start the level over with her sputtering and complaining of swallowing water like Myrtle in the Harry Potter movies. Actually, her voice sounds a lot like Myrtle. Try it and see.

All in all, this is a fun, quick-moving game that will soon have you addicted, and the 40 sublevels of levels one and two seem to fly by. A deluxe version is available for purchase if you want more.

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