Raze 3 is awesome!

Raze 3 is a new zombie game that people will love. You don’t have to buy an expensive gaming console to play it. You just need to log in to the site to begin your new adventures. It’s a free game that requires you to shoot and kill zombies before they kill you. If it sounds quite familiar, that’s because it is. You use your mouse to point at the zombies, and you click the mouse to shoot. You aren’t alone in your mission. You’ll be on a team with other players that are typically controlled by the computer. They can be quite helpful sometimes. 

As you progress through the levels, you gain access to greater weapons and abilities. For a computer flash game, your character is surprisingly mobile and agile. You can tap the jump button twice to perform a double jump. You use this tool when you need to jump over and away from something dangerous. You could definitely avoid being shot by the zombies by employing this tactic often. You can also slice the zombies with some type of sword saber that you carry from the very beginning of the game. You’ll need to become skilled at using this to get through the game.

In the beginning of the game, you go through a training period. You’ll have to prove that you can complete basic maneuvers before you begin the real missions against the zombies. You have to destroy targets, perform double jumps, and use your sword saber to deflect rockets that are fired at you. Your computer-controlled team will also participate in the training with you. They will be your biggest allies throughout the entire game. Each level holds new surprises that you’ll enjoy around every corner. You’ll definitely have a great time playing this game, and you’ll be surprised at how much fun online flash games can be.

Raze 3 is a great game for people of all ages who love online shooting games. You’ll be surprised at the depth and detail of this game since it’s not on a console. You can play a few levels at a time and save the game just like you would on a console. That means you can do a few levels during your lunch break or in the car when someone is driving you. There are tons of possibilities with Raze 3, and you’ll need an adventurous spirit to unlock them all.


Raze 3
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