Pinata Hunter 3: A lighthearted game where you are trying to take town incredibly tough pinatas across a few stages


The colorful pinatas in the game are fun to look at and use festive colors. The rest of the graphics are in a similar style. They are interesting enough to keep you engaged in the game. This is especially true of some of the weapons. There is music playing in the background that is not intrusive. The sound effects are diverse although they are hit or miss as to whether they match what is happening. It is important to note Pinata Hunter 3 might not be suitable for some young kids. The pinatas in the game wince painfully when struck and the weapons get a little violent.

Your sole purpose in Pinata Hunter 3 is to destroy the pinata sitting in the middle of the screen. You do this by gliding an icon of a hand holding a weapon over the pinata. The direction you swipe matters. Some swings seem to do more damage than others do. This is hard to tell exactly since there is no health bar for the pinata. Instead, you can watch the pinata slowly start to fray and come apart as you get closer to winning. It can take some time to eliminate a pinata.

You have a variety of items to help you whack and defeat the pinata. You have a weapon that can be upgraded from a stick to a sword to other items like guns. The progression for weapons is not linear. Some expensive weapons increase in power while taking away from other stats. You also have various gloves to upgrade. Gloves are important because they allow you to swing for a longer time without getting a hand cramp. You get cramps when you swing for too long and your pain meter fills up. Finally, you can improve your personal stats for permanent bonuses.

Pinata Hunter 3 is about earning a high score. You can see current leaderboards when the game starts. You get points by taking out the pinatas as fast as possible. A trophy rooms shows achievements you have earned during play. Something to consider is that Pinata Hunter 3 can get boring since the challenge never changes. You just keep swinging at the same pinatas, earning candy and upgrading. This can actually be a fun way to take out some aggression. Pinata Hunter 3 is a solid game with interesting mechanics although it might not hold the interest of some people for more than a single play session.



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