PC Breakdown: ‘Cause everyone knows that trouble

PC Breakdown is a game in a genre known as destruction. These games are really designed to just allow players to vent frustration against some common annoyance in everyday life. They are not games in the traditional sense because there is really no way to lose and no storyline. PC Breakdown is better than many other games in this genre even though it is not in English.


The first difference you will notice is that a large amount of attention has been paid to the graphical detail in the game. The graphics are simple and hand drawn although they are done well. Every item in the game goes through a number of different stages as you progress. The damage that you can do is very apparent and consistent. You will also hear some good sound effects that make every action more satisfying.

PC Breakdown begins by showing a mock computer screen with a word processing application open. The cinematic moves on and eventually shows a familiar error box popping up indicating the computer will no longer work. The implication is that everything in the document first shown is lost. The screen then pans out showing a desktop computer, a monitor, a keyboard and a mouse. Two counters are on the right hand side. This is the main play screen.

You play the game by clicking on different components of the computer system. Click with the mouse causes a fist to come flying towards the component from off-screen. You can choose to hit any item that you want. Something that is nice is that the animation for striking the computer changes depending the component and the actual area you click. Each time you hit a part of the computer you do a little damage. The counters on the right track how many times you hit the computer.

The computer eventually starts to show damage. It breaks apart into pieces in an amusing way. You can actually strike some of the components in multiple ways. Your ultimate goal is to reduce the entire computer system to nothing but rubble. If you do this, then a repair button will restore the computer to perfect condition so that you can start again.

PC Breakdown can be a good way to vent frustration without destroying your actual computer after dealing with error messages from the operating system. The replayability of the game depends on your level of frustration. PC Breakdown is a well-made game for people who feel a need to whack a virtual computer system.


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