Parking in a Minefield of Cars

This game is probably one of the best flash games I have played all month. It brings to mind so many times I have had to drive around a parking lot full of cars that have had the worst possible parking job imaginable with one goal in mind. Find an open spot!


Mine Cartoon Parking captures the frustration of parking lots that any driver can appreciate. Couple this with its smooth controls that feel like you are actually driving then you have yourself a load of fun waiting.

The concept of the game is simple. Drive through a parking lot and find an open parking space. You drive using the WASD keys. The W key causing you to accelerate while the D is your brake and reverse. The A key causes you to turn left, and the D key is for turning right. I cannot stress enough that the controls of this game are always the same, regardless of how your car is facing. There have been a few times where I may have T-boned a bus because I thought left was right – though maybe that speaks to my own driving skills.

Each level is timed to less than a minute, so you do not always have the time to leisurely take a drive through these parking lots. While the first few levels are very simple to allow the player to get a better feel for the mechanics, around stages six and seven the game begins to get fairly complex. Once you reach the more advanced stages, you will find yourself in literal mazes of parked cars. The goal of finding a parking spot remains the same, but be warned that the slightest bump into a parked vehicle means game over and the whole stage has to be restarted.

When it comes to some of the more difficult levels; however, there are very efficient walkthrough videos that the game provides for you to watch. These videos give you an idea of what you should do and a layout of the stage, though I personally found myself having more fun figuring the minefield out on my own.

Mine Cartoon Parking is a great game. While it does not share the graphics of a AAA game, it makes up for it with excellent gameplay. I have suggested this game to each of my friends, as I am sure you will too once you play.



Go! Take the challenge and drive the block car into the parking lot! Have fun!