Mushroom Madness 2

Mushroom Madness 2

The game Mushroom Madness 2 is all about defending your mushrooms from the hungry animals that want to eat them. You will at first have a tennis racket to defend your mushrooms with, which you have to repeatedly whack the animals with to get them to go away. As you advance in the game you will have guns, animals traps and even a golf club. The game was developed by Silen Games and is very fun and definitely an addictive game. It is all about how fast you can click your mouse to keep the animals away.

Mushroom Madness - In Game
Mushroom Madness - In-Game

The animals that come to eat your mushrooms are at first just rabbits, but as you progress you are encountered with bears and what look like porcupines or hedgehogs. The bears are tough to drop unless you are able to use what looked like a bomb to blow them up. The levels of Mushroom Madness 2 are at first very easy to advance through so this would be a great game for kids.

Throughout the game while you manage to defend your mushrooms from the hungry animals you will get coins. You can collect these coins and use them to buy better weapons. This is how you get more than just the tennis racket. If you only have a tennis racket once the bears come you are going to be in trouble, so make sure you have a gun or some bombs before then. This is a very fun game that people, especially children, will really enjoy. But watch out for those rabbits, they hop fast & will get to your mushrooms, no doubt!

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