While most IO multiplayer games put you in the role of one particular animal, Mopeio lets you play as the entire animal kingdom. In this online multiplayer game, the objective is to evolve your creature without getting eaten by opposing players.

Controlling your animal is simple, with the entire game controlled using only the mouse. Your animal continuously moves forward in the direction of your mouse pointer. Turning your creature involves turning your mouse in the direction you want to travel. The left mouse button gives you a burst of speed, handy for both evading attackers and closing in for the kill on an enemy. The right mouse button allows you to activate a special defensive move. This move changes depending on the creature you are controlling. For example, the turtle’s defensive move involves going inside of his shell. The shrimp’s defensive move involves it swimming deep under the water to avoid other players.

When you start the io game, you’ll choose between two different creatures: a land-based animal or a water-based one. The animal you choose will influence the environment you play on. For example, a mouse will have no trouble moving freely on the land but can only spend a few seconds in the water before drowning. Both the land and water environments are next to each other, with clever players able to use these environments to their advantage. For example, a mouse may want to jump into the water to avoid an attacking player.

To evolve your creature in Mopeio you must eat food or other players. Mopeio uses a color-based system to show you what you can and cannot eat. Anything with a green outline on it is safe to eat, including players. However, anything with a red outline is dangerous, including other players. The combat system in is relatively straightforward, with players doing damage to another player by bumping into them. It takes at least two hits to defeat another player, which always gives players a chance to escape from harm. A chat box allows you to communicate with other players in your nearby vicinity. Mopeio uses vibrant, colorful graphics to portray its characters and environments. The downside to these graphics is that it’s difficult to keep up with the action when numerous players are on the screen.

By allowing players to choose their evolution every time they level up, Mopeio has a strategic element to it that similar games lack. This gameplay mechanic ensures no two games of Mopeio are the same, leading to a high degree of replayability. If you’ve got a spare hour to kill and are looking for an excellent multiplayer game, then you’ll love Mopeio.


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