Make Some Delicious Cocktails In The Cool Game – Bartender The Celebs Mix!

With nice tips, free drinks, and the opportunity to meet new and interesting people, the job of a bartender has lots of benefits! If you think you have what it takes, give Bartender The Celebs Mix from at

This bartender game draws you in from the start with its catchy piano music and comical graphics. The game’s protagonist is Miguel, a mustachioed man who has recently been promoted to be head bartender at a luxurious 5-star hotel. It’s your job to help Miguel mix drinks for bar patrons. If you are successful, you’ll be rewarded with gold, achievements, and the chance to customize Miguel’s appearance. If you fail, you may just kill your patron and end up in jail, so the stakes are high!
You have the option to select a variety of liquors, juices, and fruits to mix in your drinks and if your guest wants it on the rocks, ice is an option as well. Gameplay in Bartender The Celebs Mix is pretty straightforward with buttons for pour and shake to craft your concoctions and then a serve button when you are ready to deliver the drink.
Perhaps the most entertaining portions of Bartender The Celebs Mix are the animations following the drinks being served. Did you make it too hot? If so, the fire department will come in and hose down your patron. Too cold? Your customer will freeze and shatter, landing you in jail! The animations and graphics are well done and along with the music are two of the games highlights.
On the downside, there are a few grammatical issues with some of the text in the game, perhaps due to translation issues. The mixing of drinks is a bit of trial and error also. Miguel will give you some hints, which are helpful, but you will end up killing a few customers in the process of learning the right ingredients. If that happens, you’ll have the option of spending some of your hard-earned gold to continue or start from the beginning of the game.
Despite a few issues, the game is overall fun to play. The varying combinations of drinks you can mix and the multitude of funny animations give the game a high replay value. If you stuck in the game, check out the Bartender The Celebs Mix Cheats. If you’ve ever been interested in becoming a master of mixology, then Bartender The Celebs Mix may be the game for you!