Madalin Stunt Cars 2 – A10

With Madalin Stunt Cars 2, you get the option to choose from several cool cars. Each has different stats, is a different model, and has different paint jobs. You can see the different metrics of each car in the main menu screen in the top left-hand corner of the screen. Once you choose your car, you can choose your race track. Each one is distinctive and fun to play on.
You can also choose to play single or multiplayer. I chose to test out the single player mode.


I had problems initially playing the game due to my browser lagging a little, but the developers thought about this ahead of time, and offer a link to a simple web page to play it from. This is huge for free online games, and something I really appreciate. Once I switched to the basic web page, gameplay was smooth.  Though a bit light on the physics aspect of things, the game was incredibly fun to play. I had to turn my speakers down quite a bit, though that’s just a personal preference. One of my favorite finds on map 3 was the soccer ball.

I really enjoyed that when the car got flipped upside down it would be flipped over again, but I found that if it got lodged under a bridge, I was forced to reset the map. Standard WASD directional, though you can also use the arrow keys if that’s your playing preference, spacebar is handbrake, and the shift button is your nitro boosters. B engages and disengages your rearview mirror, R is reset, T is for your map, and pressing M twice gets you back to the main menu. I should note that the nitro boosters only last for a short time. (Although you’re allowed to mash the button for extra fun!) There’s a blue bar next to your speedometer in the bottom righthand corner of the screen that shows you how much nitro you have left. Pretty simple controls for a fun game.

It’s also got a decent “open world” feel and concept for a relatively simple browser-based game.  It was a ton of fun to play, and I even got my husband in on the action.  All in all, I would definitely say that this is a game worth playing at least once, or twice… maybe a few times! We really enjoyed it, and have it saved to our favorites for future fun!

Enjoy Madalin Stunt Cars 2 on A10!