Joe Destructo


Joe Destructo is a fast-paced action game made by Miniclip. The goal of the game is to keep Joe Destructo alive as he goes down a busy street. There are criminals and thugs shooting at him. The key is to wach his life bar and make certain he does not lose health points.

Lots of Weapons to Use

During the game, you can use your mouse to pick up bigger and better weapons for Joe Destructo. These are lying on the street. Just keep your eye out for them. Players get to use a lot of different weapons during the game. This keeps the game exciting and challenging.

Surprise Villains and Thugs

You have to stay alert during this fast game of shooting. There are many surprise villains and thugs that come out of different places to take down Joe Destructo. You never know if a thug is going to jump out from around the corner of a building or some other hiding place. This keeps the game suspenseful and exciting. There is no boredom of just simply shooting in one spot.


The graphics for Miniclip’s newest game are decent. The game is not loaded with graphic detail. This makes it easier to play quickly because the computer does not constantly have to reload a scene for players to continue. The transition from scene to scene is smooth without the graphics overloading the computer during play.

Sound Effects

The sound effects on Joe Destructo game are part of the excitement and adventure. Make certain to have the sound turned on and volume turned up when you play the game. The sound effects are exciting and really add to the game. Shooting and making your way down the street is much more fun when you hear all the different sound effects of the game. They are interlaced well and do not overload the computer during play.

Overall Evaluation

Joe Destructo game is great for anyone that enjoys shooting and action. There is plenty of action going on in Joe Destructo to keep you entertained just for a short break or for a longer play period. Everything works with your mouse. This makes the game extremely easy to play for virtually anyone. Yet, there are enough scene changes and villains to keep the game entertaining for more advanced players. I would definitely recommend Joe Destructo game to everyone for a fast-paced, action game filled with surprises and adventures.

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