It’s Graffiti Time!

The retro style pixels and platform style game play of Graffiti Time, hosted by, might feel vaguely reminiscent to some gamers. The background music feels more modern and street-wise, however, and may only get old after you spend the entire game listening to it. Your protagonist is an urban graffiti artist with no particularly distinguishing features, but in a game where the main fun is sneaking through a late night city spray painting colorful pictures on vehicles and avoiding the police, these aren’t even necessary. 

The controls are simple. Using the directional keys on your keyboard, you make the main character move left or right, jump up, and drop platforms while jumping to get to even greater heights. The space bar marks graffiti time, which is the game’s main focus anyway. You successfully complete each level by spray painting what you’re supposed to — or rather, what you’re not supposed to as avoiding getting caught by the police is another crucial part of gameplay. Once this objective has been completed a golden key appears. Collecting the key allows you to enter a spray can rocket that will carry you to the next level, of which there are twenty.

Graffiti Time starts out relatively simple, introducing various game mechanics and simple obstacles over the course of the first few levels. The difficulty level eventually increases and results in some surprisingly intense platforming for such a simple game, where quick reflexes and good timing end up becoming a necessity to complete certain levels. However, most of the levels are fairly straightforward and may not require more than one or two retries, if that.

Although slightly repetitive in nature, Graffiti Time’s gameplay, which has a certain old-fashioned and simplistic charm to it, and catchy music combine to create a game that is highly addictive and efficient at passing time.

Graffiti Time
Graffiti Time

(via Pixel Games)