Happy Wheels


While the name might sound cute and happy, it’s actually bloody and violent. The goal of Happy Wheels is to stay alive and reach the exit. It is a physics-oriented vehicle game, where you control your vehicle using the arrow keys. In this game, you get to choose your vehicle, such as a bike, wheelchair, or Segway. There’s even a motorized shopping cart like you see at grocery stores. Happy Wheels is in the torture category of games, so be warned that it’s extremely violent.

After you choose your vehicle, just control it using the arrow keys. The up and down keys are to speed up and slow down. The left and right keys help you lean in that direction. Your specific vehicle action is controlled using the Ctrl, Shift, or space bar keys.

Happy Wheels 2 Character

In your desperate attempt at victory, you will take your woefully unprepared racer through risky situations that can result in severe consequences. If you want to eject from your vehicle, simply press z. Once your racer is ejected, you can grab objects, move to different poses, and writhe on the ground. Just try to keep your limbs intact so you can reach the exit.

It may sound impossible, but Happy Wheels is both funny and gory at the same time. It takes a twisted sense of humor and a strong stomach to enjoy this politically incorrect motocross game, but if you have both, you will enjoy Happy Wheels. This free online Flash game should give you hours of entertainment.

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Game developed by Total Jerkface.

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