Grow Valley – Walkthrough


Are your crops growing too slowly? Animals not ready for harvest yet? Are you looking for something else to do while you wait, but don’t want to get into another game that takes forever? Maybe you just want to challenge your skills with a game that you have to actually think about.

Grow Valley by EYEZMAZE just might be the game you’ve been looking for! There is nothing to download, nothing to purchase, you simply click the Play button and you’re ready to go. The object of the game is to level up, of course, but what makes Grow Valley different is that you don’t have to build, harvest, or kill anything.

You are given seven ‘Panels’ (buttons), each depicting a particular science needed for human growth. You have life sciences, design systems, and architectural sciences to name a few,and you have to level each one up to its max to complete the game successfully. The different sciences build off each other once you click them, so its necessary to choose them in the proper order. Once you choose one, a little man (well…it could be a woman) jumps off the panel and completes a particular task, such as building a dam, a bridge, power supplies, etc. The next button you choose sends another little…person… out to complete another task, and both buttons level up.

In order to get all your panels leveled up, you have to choose the panels in an order that they will level up off each other. Sounds simple, right? Well, it may be, but the first go round will leave you scratching your head! Eventually, you will be skilled enough (or have a good enough memory) to get all of your panels leveled up and successfully complete the game.

Entertaining and habit forming, Grow Valley by EYEZMAZE should receive honors.

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Walkthrough: 1. Compass, 2. Pickaxe, 3. Microchip, 4. Cog, 5. Magnifying Glass, 6. Vial,  7. Heart

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