Gravity Guy – Review


Gravity Guy is one of those great browser based games that only uses the one button. It really deserves comparison to the monster hit CANABALT, and that’s not a comparison to make lightly.

The premise of the game is incredibly simple: you are Gravity Guy. You’re being chased by some badguy just a few inches behind you, hot on your heels. The entirety of the levels are made up floors, ceilings, with gaps and obstacles on each. Hit the space bar or click the mouse to reverse Gravity Guy’s personal gravity. When you see a gap or a block on the floor, reverse gravity and get on the ceiling. When there’s a gap on the ceiling, reverse gravity before you fall upwards.

It’s incredibly, incredibly simple, but incredibly, incredibly fun and challenging, and it proves that you really don’t need to overcomplicate gameplay to make it rewarding and interesting thanks to good, solid level design.

Sometimes making the gravity switch is easy, other times it comes down to a fraction of a second timing. Often times you’ll have to free-fall with neither a floor nor a ceiling to land on, hoping that you make it across the gap before shooting out into thin air.

The game’s “levels” are really just check points, but that’s the best way for a game like this to play. When you’re in the middle of it, you don’t want to stop running while the next level loads up. It’s like when you used to play Sonic and you’d get disappointed when a level ended. Here, that’s not an issue. Here, the game just keeps going until you die or it’s over. More games could benefit from this approach.

The look of Gravity Guy is surprisingly well crafted. With browser games, even good, or great browser games, we’re used to seeing stock graphics and characters drawn by people who are brilliant programmers but maybe not such great artists. Here, the game looks a little bit like Mega Man and a little bit like Viewtiful Joe. It has a sort of big-head anime cool about it that, if nothing else, makes it really stand out from other browser games.

There’s also a phone app version to check out, which may be worth looking into as this is definitely a great pocket-game.

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