Goodgame Mafia is now Goodgame Gangster


The ironically-named Goodgame Gangster scrapes the bottom of the barrel when it comes to game mechanics – which is a shame, because the game’s art style and theme shows real promise at the outset.

After a brief ‘help’ segment so worthless that it easily could have been cut with no repercussions, new players are dumped into a central hub that allows them to select between the different missions, including player versus player Duels which sound more exciting than they actually are. These battles, whether they involve NPCs or real players, are the main mechanic of the game. Unfortunately, this main mechanic revolves around auto-attacking your way to victory – a prospect that inevitably leans more on the game’s RPG-lite scaling mechanics than it does on any sense of skill by you or your opponent.

Unless you purchase a consumed-on-use item, such as dynamite, there’s literally nothing to do but watch and hope the dice rolls go your way. Goodgame Gangster acknowledges this by allowing you to skip entire fight segments and view the outcome immediately, which is recommended for your sanity. As you win fights, you’ll level up and earn currency that will broaden your tactical options slightly, but the active-use options are greatly dwarfed by the insultingly vast amount of passives and pseudo-passives (such as coffee, of which one cup is apparently sufficient for an entire day’s buzz).

Goodgame Gangster adds injury to insult by using forced wait times to gate its NPC quest content. Naturally, you can skip these waiting timers – if you play enough to be able to pay out – but, sooner or later, you’ll end up staring at the screen, waiting for those minutes to tick down so you can actually ‘play’ the game. Your reward, of course, is a battle screen that, more often than not, you may as well skip anyway.

There’s absolutely nothing wrong with Goodgame game’s art style, which is pleasantly, cartoonishly exaggerated, and its interface is, for the most part, intuitive. However, the fundamentally ham-fisted, rotten core of ‘pay now to play now’ combined with overall poor fighting mechanics makes this a terrible gangster RPG by anyone’s standards. Not only is Goodgame Gangster not a very good game, it’s not even a mediocre game, and both your time and money should be spent elsewhere.