Freeway Fury


As anyone who has ever played them knows, mindless little flash games can suck up way too much of a person’s time. “Freeway Fury” is no exception. Just log onto a site that has the game (it’s available on and, among other gaming sites) and feel all your free time slip away as you play one of the simplest and most addictive new games on the Internet.

The goal of “Freeway Fury“, much like many classic arcade games, is to get the highest possible score without dying or running out of time. You do this by jumping from your car onto other cars on the road. You can score extra points by doing insanely risky stunts such as making long distance jumps, jumping in between several cars at once, driving into oncoming traffic, and (if you’re really good) smashing into and destroying other cars.

There is a time limit (although the timer starts over when you pass certain checkpoints), and you will die if you crash the car you’re in or miss a vehicle and hit the asphalt while jumping. The latter happens a lot more than you would expect. This doesn’t seem like a very challenging game at first, but that’s before you have to restart yet again because you end up face down in the street instead of in the car next to you.

If you have some time to kill, and you like simple yet challenging car games, “Freeway Fury” is definitely worth checking out.

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