Free Gear


Free Gear is basically a racing game in which your main goal is to race along with others from around the world.  If you grew up with the Atari, this game is very reminiscent of the game Pole Position. If the Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) or the Super Nintendo Entertainment System (SNES) was your preferred console of choice, then this game is much like Al Unser Jr.’s Turbo Racing or any number of racing games such as Exhaust Heat or GT Racing.

How to play? Free Gear has a menu before you even start to race where you can choose from an automatic or manual transmission for your vehicle, which track you want to race on, weather conditions during the race, and later down the line you can choose more advanced specs for your car that will allow you to get an edge on other racers.You’re allowed to push other drivers out of the way (when multiple lanes are available), and you use your keypad arrows to control your car, as well as the ‘Z’ and ‘X’ keys to shift gears up and down and the ‘C’ button to kick in nitro power (you’re allowed to use 3 shots of nitro per race).

This game allows you to start in either the Quick Race mode or the Tournament mode. The default menu before each mode allows you chance the color of your car, select the upgrades you want to add to your car using the credits from previously won races, and select the weather conditions you want if you are using Quick Race mode. In this mode you don’t earn any credits, but it can be good practice for those who are beginners at video racing. Select upgrades with care, since selling them only gets you half the credit price.

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