Farm Fun (Facebook)


Farm Fun is an online farming game where you reap and sow crops to earn money to build up your farm. In Farm Fun, you first plow up a field. Then you plant seeds and wait for them to grow. Reap the vegetables and then repeat the process.

When seeds are growing, you will need to water them. Their water level is indicated in the water meter which is a blue bar that resides on the bottom of the plot. There is another meter below it that monitors progress of growth and harvesting of your vegetables. You can speed up both of these meters by rapidly clicking on the plot with the right tool. Overall game play is right in line with other farming games and should be enjoyable to fans of this genre.

As you progress in Farm Fun, more seeds become available to buy with each level. You will also receive a bonus object that will help you with your farm. The first bonus is a fountain that will water all of your crops at once. The next bonus is a gnome that make any seed grow instantly.

You can buy several farm related items. Buy a barn to store grain or buy chickens to sell their eggs. Your information box will keep you up-to-date on what is happening at your farm. Farm Fun is a quick fix for those wishing to play farm games on Facebook without becoming overwhelmed with sending gifts and expanding their farm.

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