Fancy Pants 3


The Fancy Pants adventures series has always been known for its smooth animation, silly but funny story line, and really fancy pants. Regarded as one of the best platform games out there for the browser, this newest addition to the set brings a lot more to the table–as if the pants weren’t fancy enough.

In Fancy Pants 3, the player once again plays as Fancy Pants, the mascot stick figure that sports a pair of cool orange pants. The premise for World 3 is that Fancy Pant’s sister, sporting a cute purple dress, beats up a pirate captain for messing with her pet. Once the pirates see this, they make her their new captain, and she soon becomes obsessed with her new power. The player’s objective, then, is to save the deluded little sister of Fancy Pants.

The Fancy Pants games have always been known for their simple controls and unique yet intuitive level designs. Whether it’s running up walls or upside down, the gameplay style of this game truly makes it one of the best platformers of its time. In Fancy Pants: World 3, the animation has only gotten better (lovingly cartoony as ever, one of its greatest appeals) and smoother while still maintaining the level of control that the user has throughout the game. An interesting addition is the slick new weapon that Fancy Pants attains, making the battles between Pants and foes even more dynamic and exciting.

The difficulty level seems to have lowered from the last two versions of the Fancy Pants installment. It is easy to get through levels without getting hurt at all, and there aren’t as many dangers around to hurt Fancy Pants. The games haven’t been known for their difficulty in the first place, though. What made up for this was the new depth in the story line of the game. Previously, the plot would simply be that Fancy Pants’ ice cream was stolen or something similarly simple. This addition of depth in the story line by actually creating a multi part story with the incorporation of his sister and the development of their relationship makes the game much more intriguing and engaging. It allows for much more humorous interactions with the different characters and the background or environment.

All in all, the cute, cartoony drawings along with the unique sound effects and background music go well with the silly and humorous writing of the plot. It’s easy to see why the game is so fun, as it is so well put together, and who doesn’t want to run upside down and flip in the air with, of course, the fanciest pants?

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