Extreme Heli Boarding 2

Extreme Heli Boarding 2 is a flash game hosted at bubblebox.com. You control a snowboarder who begins the game by jumping out of a helicopter and sliding down the slopes. Tapping the spacebar at the right time launches him into the air, and while he’s up there, quick manipulation of the arrow keys sends him into flips, earning points. The more rotations, the better, but if you try too many flips for the air you have, you’ll hit the ground and wipe out, losing time. The slopes are also dotted with logs that will trip you up if you don’t jump them.

Extreme Heli Boarding 2 Game

You have only 30 seconds to score as many points as you can. However, you can also collect stars that are hanging above the slope. Blue ones give you extra time, while orange ones award bonus points. Passing checkpoints also gives you extra time.

Extreme Heli Boarding 2 also features a real-time leader board, so you can see at a glance just how well your score stacks up against others who are playing the game at the moment, as well as the best scores of all time.

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