Dummy Never Fails: Community


In Dummy Never Fails: Community, you have one goal: get the crash test dummy to its goal, a yellow and black object, usually a square or circle, located somewhere in the map. Sounds easy, right? Wrong! Dummy Never Fails: Community is challenging from the very beginning and one of the best games of 2010.

In Dummy Never Fails the dummies fly through the air with the greatest of ease, then come crashing down in all manors of painful ways. Armed with your semiautomatic dummy launcher, you launch dummies as fast as you can shoot them knocking over anything in their way, with the hope of freeing up a path to the target. With a number of different skins, including: mimes, school girls, playboy bunnies and Frankenstein, which is unlocked as you advance through the levels, you are sure to chuckle as you watch the seemingly endless number of poses they wind up in.

Dummy Never Fails: Community – With simple point and click game play, anyone is capable of having fun with this zany, sophisticated game. With each level, comes the challenge of figuring out exactly where to shoot each dummy or dummies, to achieve what you want, whether it to be hit the target or knock over the poles or barrels, preventing you from reaching your target.

You will find yourself laughing in amusement at all the punishment you bring to the poor crash dummies shot from your cannon. As the levels progress, you will find yourself wracking your brain, trying to figure out the precise point to shoot the dummy to gain access to the target.  Dummy Never Fails & Dummy Never Fails: Community are games the whole family can enjoy.

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