Duck Life: Treasure Hunt is a game of skill where you play a humble duck seeking treasure in a seemingly endless dungeon


Duck Life: Treasure Hunt does an exceptional job of creating a fun atmosphere with bright graphics that are not too silly and not too serious. There is a lighthearted soundtrack playing in the background as you play. A nice feature is that you get to customize most aspects of the appearance of your duck. This includes tattoos, colors, hats and clothes.

You start Duck Life: Treasure Hunt in a small town. This will become your base of operations between trips into the dungeon. There are several buildings spread around the town. Most are geared towards changing your appearance. Other shops sell power ups and equipment that you can use. This includes items to increase your flight speed or improve your chance of finding valuable treasure in the dungeon.

You have a pet in Duck Life: Treasure Hunt. Your pet is basically your weapon since you cannot attack most of the enemies in the game by yourself. You start with a single pet but can purchase additional ones with enough gold. You are also sometimes awarded new pets when completing goals. Your pets earn experience just like you. You can train your pets to do things like reduce attack cooldown times or improve attack power. You can freely switch between the pets you own while in town.

Most of Duck Life: Treasure Hunt takes place in the dungeon at the edge of town. You need to fly as far as possible without being killed. You hold the mouse button to flap your wings and fly. Releasing the mouse button causes you to drop down. You have to use the mouse with finesse in order to avoid obstacles like stalagmites and enemies like flaming eyeballs. Your main goals are to collect coins, fly a certain distance and pick up treasure important to the story. The dungeon is randomly generated every time so it does not really matter whether you have to start over from the beginning after achieving a goal.

The distance you fly in a single try acts like your experience. You gain levels as you fly more. You also find artifacts that trigger cute cut scenes in the game. Your pet gains experience too. Completing goals gives you more money. The only problem with this duck game is that everything is very expensive in the shops. Players are encouraged to buy diamonds with real-life money to gain access to bonuses fast. Duck Life: Treasure Hunt is a fun and well-made game that can be very addictive.



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