Drift Runners 2

drift runners 2

Drift Runners 2 is an addicting, fast paced racing game. You can drive ten different cars and naturally, each one is upgradeable. The game saves your progress which is a great feature because there are 50 tracks to play. Some are hidden and some are earned by achieving certain conditions like never hitting a wall.

drift runners 2 start
Drift Runners 2 - Start

If you have never played Drift Runners or know what drifting is, you are in for some serious fun. Drifting is the art of putting a car into a controlled slide as you hit a turn. This allows a rapid acceleration when the turn is exited. Drift Runners 2 captures this excitement with a top down perspective which is perfect because you need to pay attention to where the next turn is. When you time your drifts perfectly, you gain a speed bonus. When you chain multiple drifts together, the action really pick up.

drift runners 2 race
Drift Runners 2 - Race

The controls are the standard arrow keys and spacebar configuration. It is very easy to learn how to play but the difficulty arrives when you realize just how important timing is. If you skid too early and hit an obstacle or another player, you lose precious time and soon find yourself at the back of the pack.

What sets Drift Runners 2 apart from other racing flash games is the customization features. Not only can use different cars but you can listen to your own mp3s while you play. The bonus system that unlocks hidden tracks gets pretty challenging at the later levels. Drift Runners 2 is not a game you can blow through in 15 minutes.

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Drift Runners 2 was developed by LongAnimals and Asute 2010.

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