Doodle Devil


Doodle Devil is a new browser-based game created by JoyBits and hosted by Silvergames, and is available on the PC and iPhone. While Doodle Devil is a complex game, much like its counterpart ‘Doodle God‘, it provides a stimulating, challenging puzzle experience suitable for all ages.

After clicking the ‘Start’ button, the game will provide a small tutorial to teach the player what must be done to beat the game. The tutorial of Doodle Devil will show two ‘elements’ and how to combine them. The goal of the game is to create as many combinations as possible until you reach the end of the game.

There are several icons at the bottom of the game that the player needs to be aware of. The sound can be turned off at anytime by clicking the sound button on the bottom, right hand side of the screen. The question mark to it’s left will remind the player how to play the game, and will provide helpful tips for continuing. The middle button will show what combinations have already been made. The light bulb can be clicked once per minute and will show the player a hint for the next match. The player may also return to the starting screen at anytime by clicking the door icon.

There are 100 elements to unlock and 11 groups of elements. Doodle Devil will start the player off with 7 of the 11 groups. These groups are all different and each holds its own against the rest. The player may combine elements from separate groups or from the same group. The player may also mix the same element. When a new element is created, a small illustration will play and the player will be able to see what the elements created and what group the newest element belongs to.

Continuing the process of trial and error, the player will eventually make all combinations and be rewarded with an ending cinematic. Doodle Devil takes time, practice and lots of patience, but the player can always take a break and come back to it at anytime. With all the time it takes to beat this game, reaching the end is a hard feat for anyone, but it can be done. Doodle Devil is fun for anyone in the family, is great for group activities and will have the player always coming back for more.

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UPDATE: Doodle Devil 2