Color Switch: A game with colors and challenges


Color Switch” is a single player flash game that has you guiding a color-changing bead through a vertical shaft lined with various geometric shapes, each of which contains a white star item. The challenge of the game comes in timing your mouse clicks, or presses of the space bar, so that the bead’s color matches the shape’s border, rather than crash into the other sections.

While the initial premise may sound easy, Color Switch features a difficulty level that progresses along with your score. Some of the latter shapes are lined with secondary layers that feature different color patterns or rotate at a different rate than the first layer. An additional complication to keeping in sync is the occasional “power-up” that changes the color of the bead you guide.

One of the main incentives to playing Color Switch is to see just how high a score you can possibly reach; even one erroneous collision with an incorrectly colored shape is enough to cause a game over. Color Switch offers no continues, only the chance to start over and try to improve upon past experience or strive to beat the high score. The player’s current score is noted by a number in the upper left portion of the game window and scoring is dictated by the number of white stars the player guides the colored bead through; the record high score is noted in the upper right portion, this number will change when the player’s score exceeds the current high score and will continue to keep pace with the player’s progress.

Color Switch is an inoffensive little time-waster that can keep young children entertained for a few minutes, while also offering a chance for older audiences to scratch the urge to master a new reflex-based puzzle game. While the game has a huge focus on color recognition, the colors used in Color Switch should not present any trouble to individuals with color-blindness or shade-blindness. Notably, the colors used in Color Switch match the cyan, magenta, and yellow commonly used in the print industry.

(via StillPlay)