Bubble Shooter Classic: A great version of the popular Bubble Shooter game


Bubble shooter games have been around for many years and have been enjoyed by many people, myself included.

In the wide range of bubble games there’s a simple game which entails shooting a bubble into a full screen of other ones. The goal is to shoot whatever color bubble you have into the same colored ones on the screen. You need to line up three of them to get them to burst but more is always desired.

Bubble Shooter Classic was a nicely done version of this game. It was simple and I didn’t need the directions to get me started. They do pop up on the screen, however, first thing for those who do need them. There were no overly dramatic graphics to distract from the actual focus of the game. The bubbles are the basic colors on a gray background. I will say that the one distracting feature was the fact that the background is animated and waves while you are playing.

One a bubble is popped by matching the colors, they disappear. The sound effects in this game are satisfying. The downfall is that the bubbles sometimes take a while to disappear off of the screen because of the animation. This is especially true when a big group of bubbles has just been bursted. My favorite part of the game is the fact that it has a little different spin on it from normal bubble bursting games. After the first part is cleared by shooting the bubbles, the next part focuses on clicking them to get rid of them. It’s fun to switch things up like this.

Points are tallied in this game. Each bubble popped popped gets you 10 points. These points help move your ranking up. Overall, this game is fun and easy to use. My complaints are pretty minor. I for one was a little lost when it came to the structure of the game. I thought there would be different levels but that didn’t seem to be the case. The bubbles just kept coming. Secondly, I stopped playing the game for a few minutes and then tried to return later. I do believe that the game might have ended because I ran out of moves. The game is won when there are no more bubbles left. I didn’t make it that far yet. The game is rather addicting, however, so I will keep trying. It’s fun to watch my ranking go up, as well.




Play now the classic version of the popular match-3 puzzle for free or download the Bubble Shooter game as an app for Android.