Blosics 2

Blosics 2:  Satisfy your destructive urges

There is something about a neatly stacked pile of blocks that unleashes our primal instinct for destruction. Whether it is stepping on a carefully constructed sandcastle or blowing on an artfully designed house constructed out of playing cards, people like to obliterate things. Who can honestly walk by a Jenga tower and say that they don’t feel compelled to knock it all over the table? Blosics 2 is a game that allows you to satisfy all of your destructive urges. Feel free to take out your frustrations on inanimate blocks.

The concept of Blosics is simple. Pull a ball out of the ball summoning area, aim it at the blocks, and fire. The resultant collision will send the blocks flying through the air. As you progress through Blosic, the challenge increases. You will have to hit certain blocks while avoiding others. The texture of surfaces can change to become slippery or rubbery. Obstacles will align themselves between the balls and the blocks.

Your arsenal consists of various sized balls. Select the size that you want for either pinpoint precision or maximum devastation. Use the mouse to control your shot. You launch the balls by drawing your mouse away from the target and releasing. The ball takes off as though shot from a slingshot and wrecks the neat stacks. Gravity will take care of the rest. One carefully placed shot from a ball will set forth a brilliant chain of disruption that will continue long after the ball has ceased to move.

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