Barbarians Review


On the surface, Barbarians is a classic run of the mill MMORTS (Massively Multiplayer Online Real Time Strategy game), but after digging a little bit deeper we found so much more. With lovable little villagers wandering around your holdings, unique and vibrant background music that really sets the mood, and captivating graphics that keep you coming back for more, Barbarians certainly holds its own in the gaming world.

Plinga‘s developers have taken your standard build and fight gaming platform and added a vibrancy and uniqueness that is sure to attract many hardcore gamers. While there are options available to cash in and buy features that will maximize your game play like resources and buildings, basic features are free for anyone to play. You can either set up an online account or link to Facebook in order to get started. Linking to Facebook also provides the added bonus of being able to add your friends to the game to help with raiding parties and missions.

There are campaign missions designed to give the player challenges and experience for those who like to play solo. Campaign battles follow a very Candy Crush-like winding path with increasing difficulty with each attack you plan and execute. Village buildings and units can be upgraded over time to add extra damage for fights. By gathering or purchasing crystals you can even speed up building or unit generation to jump back into the fray at lightning speed.

Barbarians is set in an alternative medieval type environment. Serfs idly roam your village admiring the upgrades you, the king or queen, build while easy to identify pop-ups help let you know when builds are complete. A lovely avatar will even help you get started with friendly tips on how to upgrade, build units, expand your empire, and fight.

Whether you are a battle tested player looking for the next big challenge or just a casual gamer looking to kill some time, Barbarians has a lot to offer. The developers have done an excellent job at “uncomplicating” a notoriously complicated MMORTS platform. Join up with your friends or go at it solo with this interesting and fun to play game!