Bad day at school? Don’t Whack Your Teacher

Although this game is called Don’t Whack Your Teacher, that is exactly what you want to do. This game is another in the series of Whack games where you are free to express your homicidal, rage-filled thoughts in a cyberworld where nobody really gets hurt. There are many ways to whack your teacher in this funny little game.

In the opening sequence, you’re a student sitting in the back of the class. It sounds like the perfect place for a student who wants to violently hurt their teacher. You hurl a metal ruler at your teacher while his back is turned. The ruler slices through his skull and becomes imbedded in his head with blood spurting out around it. It’s time to head to his office for a stern lecture.

While listening to him drone on and on, you’re actually looking around the room for a weapon to whack your teacher. There are ten items in the room, normal school supplies, that can be used to attack the teacher. The game helps you keep score of the items you find and the variety of ways that you can stop your teacher from his endless, droning lecture.

There’s a pen on the teacher’s desk, so maybe that would make an interesting weapon. A stapler might be a potential weapon too. Will you staple the teacher’s mouth shut, or will you pummel him with the weight of the stapler?

There are so many interesting and violent ways to whack your teacher. Some of them might make you cringe even as you’re performing the violent act, and others will make you laugh out loud. The graphics are black and white with varying shades of gray. This makes the splash and drops of blood even more graphic and dramatic.

Hover over an item to highlight it. When it can be used as a weapon, it will turn red. Click the weapon and watch what happens to your teacher. The scenes are hysterical, and some of them are extremely unexpected. This Don’t Whack Your Teacher game isn’t for the faint of heart.


Coming soon: Whack The Terrorist!