Ambitious Enough for the Cool Multiplayer Kugeln IO???

“” is a very ambitious game, attempting to create something that hasn’t been done in the IO game genre. However, the ambition of “” is its downfall, as the game fails to succeed with audiences thanks to a lack of instructions.

At its core, “” is a 2-D platforming game that pits two teams of players against each other in a round of capture the flag. Players start out with a bow and arrow along with a grappling hook, with additional weapons such as pistols and grenade launchers scattered throughout the map. The majority of the environment is destructible, meaning that players can use any means necessary to capture the opposing flag.

However, “” never makes it clear that this is a capture the flag game. In the majority of games you will play, players will haphazardly wander around, never making an attempt at the opposing flag. Because the game never tells you that the environment is destructible, most players will never even make it to the other flag. To make matters worse, “” has a small base of players, with matches ending up being teams of one or two against each other. As you can expect, this makes for boring matches.

The art style of “” does it no favors either. The main characters themselves don’t offer a lot of detail, resembling monsters from the “Pokemon” series. There is no indicator of how much life an enemy has left when you shoot at them outside of their sprite subtly changing, which makes it difficult to know just how close an enemy is to death.

The final nail in the coffin for “” is that the game itself is full of glitches. On more than one occasion, you’ll find that the keyboard controls no longer respond in-game, leaving you unable to walk or jump. While you can still use your mouse to grapple around the environment and use your weapons, you’ll find yourself at a huge disadvantage without the keyboard. Players will frequently drop out of the game as well, turning a guaranteed victory into a lopsided defeat.

If you can get a group of players together, “” has the potential to be a blast; however, even with a dedicated group of players, they are unlikely to keep playing when they encounter the weak art style and the numerous glitches this game has. “” shows a lot of promise with its basic gameplay design, it’s just a shame the game itself can’t live up to that promise.