Alien Kindergarten – Awesome Mobile Game!

Alien Kindergarten is a fun puzzle game that uses vivid colors, kid-friendly sounds and simple graphics to guide users through each stage. People of all ages, including school age children can have hours of fun with this game. The subject matter is family friendly, using hatching eggs with slime bubbles as the main graphic content. One of the best perks of Alien Kindergarten is the fact that it is free to play.

Starting Out

In the beginning of the game, a brief tutorial is displayed to help users understand the concept. Each egg is connected to a line. Pink lines mean that there are crisscrossed lines in the puzzle that need to be undone. The idea is to turn all of the pink lines green, signifying that the lines are free. Once the lines are green, the eggs bubble, begin to glow and you click them to hatch them. The creatures emerging from the eggs are cartoonish in design to keep the theme light-hearted.

Develop a Strategy

The strategy is to make as few moves as possible to get more stars and a higher score. As you require more moves, the star level decreases. The one downfall here is that there are no hints or opportunities to help you solve a puzzle, even after 100 moves.

Higher Levels

As the alien game moves upward in level numbers, it gets harder with more lines to free and more eggs to move. Some of these, however, are rather simple to solve. The good thing is that you are not limited to a specific number of moves. You’ll need to use your photographic memory here too, as you unravel the lines and free them up. The photographic memory helps to remember which lines cross each other to prevent tangling the puzzle up more.

With this being a puzzle game that is based upon strategy, it can be classified as educational. Problem solving skills are needed, as well as a great deal of patience. One simple move can turn the whole puzzle pink again and you’ll have to reconfigure the eggs. It is an android game that parents can sit their children at for fun and not have to worry about the value received from the game. It teaches patience, develops cognitive skills and creates determination to solve puzzles in fewer moves. This game is recommended for players of all ages.



(via Alien Games)