Air Transporter


Air Transporter is by far one of the most enjoyable and challenging airplane games available online today. Its interactive game-play is equally remarkable due to the physics-based simulation and easy-to-use controls. While it’s easy to hype something up in a few short words, it’s best to understand what makes this quite possibly the best interactive game on the internet today.

One thing that can ruin a game quick is its music; however, Air Transporter remedies this with a soundtrack that keeps the user entertained, including: electronic, funk, and even a song reminiscent of Sims singing, which is rather funny. The object of the game is simple: lift various objects and place them in their intended location via a small helicopter. Using your keyboard, you lower ropes from the helicopter, attach them to the objects and then lift them into place.

The controls of Air Transporter are very simple, which makes the learning curve approximately three to five minutes. You can choose whether to use a mouse or keyboard control, while keeping with common controls regardless of your choice. There are eighteen total levels, each one locked until you can achieve your goal in your present level.

While Air Transporter may seem to be very simple at first, it increases in difficulty the further you advance. If you have a website, you can even host the game and share it with people who visit daily. This game should be ranked in the top ten best online video games if it isn’t already.

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