WonderPills is a fun, flash-based game that you’ll find yourself addicted to in no time flat. The multi-level platform was developed by OneLifeRemains and has enough action to keep you hooked, while still requiring enough thought and critical thinking that you won’t get bored.  You play the game as a figure trapped in a maze-like room.

The mission of Wonder Pills is simple – get to the next level quickly and strategically by escaping from your room. In order to exit, however, you’ll need to defy the laws of gravity- and that’s where the WonderPills come in. Collect the pills as you find them, and gobble ‘em down to change your perception of your trap. As you escape, you’ll find yourself locked inside of another room, each one more complicated and confusing than the last.

WonderPills Game

The gameplay of Wonderpills is simple and uncomplicated. Just use your arrow keys to move around the room and tap the spacebar if you need to jump. Once you’ve chomped down a WonderPill, click the CTRL key to shift the room and change gravity.  This old-school arcade style game is just puzzling enough to twist your brain a bit, while still easy enough to keep it playable and fun.

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