Vehicles 2: The Age-Old Fun Of Driving Games

October 28, 2011


Vehicles 2

If there is one thing that you can count on with the video game industry, it is that driving games will never get boring. They have existed for a long time, and they just keep getting better. Vehicles 2 gives you a brand new twist. Rather than trying to drive to a certain location or win a race, you have to accomplish tasks in your car. You will be given different vehicles for the different stages, but they will all represent some sort of authority. You can be a police car, a fire truck, or an ambulance, for example. Your job is to restore law and order within the city.

Vehicles 2 – The Game
At the beginning, you will go through a long training stage. This is nice because it helps you to understand both the controls and the way that the game works. You find out that you can click on any of the cars to get them to drive in the direction that they are facing, for instance, and you also learn that clicking on them again brings them to a halt. You learn how to push the bad cars out of the way and how to drive over buttons to activate various things, such as bridges or special features. You must complete the training before you begin playing the levels.

The Various Powers
One thing that you will find is that it really does matter which car you are in each level. The different vehicles can do different things. An ambulance can jump, for instance, and a police car can execute a flawless u-turn. A fire truck can use a speed burst function to get there more quickly. In some of the levels, you will have to control various cars because you need both powers. Remember to use them wisely. If you make the police car do a u-turn at the wrong time, you could be stuck facing the wrong way. If you tell the ambulance to jump off of a building, you will lose.

Saving The City
As you progress through the levels, the tasks that you need to perform grow more and more complicated. You have to become very adept at starting and stopping your cars on a dime. When you do, you can rid the city of bad cars and make everything perfect again. You will find that the level of fun increases with the difficulty.

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