Take the Ultimate Douchebag Workout, even today!

Do you know what constitutes a well trained douchebag? With a name like “Ultimate Douchebag Workout”, gamers will expect something unique and possibly a bit gross. The reality, however, is that the game is a good blend of strategy and button mashing.


The goal is to turn a gangly, nerdy-looking young man into a buff, hip chick magnet. This is accomplished by performing a combination of exercises, eating particular foods, buying cool clothing, and using bodybuilder supplements. When done correctly, the player increases the size of the character’s muscles and perceived coolness.

The exercising consists of button mashing games that target the arms, legs, abs, upper body, and neck. These games build up points for the particular body area worked. The more points accumulated from doing the exercises, the more that body area will be strengthened and “buff”, ’cause it’s the Ultimate Douchebag Workout, right?!

In addition to the exercises, there are food options for consumption. These must be used when the character’s energy bar gets low. A player can select from healthy or unhealthy options. The healthy options keep the character’s health meter up, which is important for other aspects of the game. Eating less than healthy food once in a while is needed to add calories.

The nutritional supplements make the points earned during workouts skyrocket, so it is wise to use these whenever they are available. Like the food, some of the supplements are healthy, while others lower health. It is important to keep a proper balance to achieve the best possible character physique. The player can also buy jewelry, sunglasses, and bronzing to achieve that hunky look that gets the girls.

Ultimate Douchebag Workout is a very clever game that unlocks enough bonuses at each level to keep players interested while at the same time forcing the player to think through food and supplement choices. For a funny free flash game, it is a lot of fun and packs in a surprising amount of strategy.